Evgenii Chupakhin

Born on May 24, 1986 in Kramatorsk (Donetsk region, Ukraine)

E-mail: chupakhinevgen@gmail.com

2007 BS in Biochemistry, Donetsk National University
2008 MS in Biochemistry, Donetsk National University

Research positions

2006–2008 Synthetic Organic Chemist, SPF Intermed
2008–2010 Researcher, Donetsk National University
2010–2012 Senior Laboratory Assistant, APK-AVEST
2012–2014 Laboratory Assistant, chemical Analysis Laboratory 'Etalon'
2015–to-date PhD Student, Immanuil Kant Baltic Federal University
2016 Research Internship in Bioorganic Chemistry. Ernst-Moritz-Arnd University. Greifswald, Germany (Prof. Sabine Mueller)
01/2018–07/2018 Visiting PhD Student, Laboratory of Chemical Pharmacology (The Krasavin Group), St. Petersburg State University
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