Medicinal сhemistry course for 2nd-year graduate students

  1. The Basics of Peptidomimetics
  2. Synthetic Approaches to Peptidomimetic Design
  3. Peptidomimetic Bioisosteres
  4. Peptoids
  5. Sugar Amino Acids
  6. Prolinomimetics
  7. Beta-turn mimics
  8. Foldamers
  9. Drugs from Screening of Dyes
  10. Drugs from Screening of Chemicalss
  11. Drugs from Serendipity in Humans
  12. Drugs from Serendipity in Laboratory
  13. Pharma Process Research
  14. Hybrid drugs for cancer
  15. Drug Delivery Across the BBB
  16. Drug Delivery Across the BBB Prodrug approach