April 27

Andrey Bubyrev gets his first paper on diazo chemistry accepted to European Journal of Organic Chemistry. Moreover, the paper was ranked as VERY IMPORTANT by the Editorial Office based on the excellent reviews it received. Congratulations on the excellent productivity in the first year of the Master's program!

Andrei and Olga get their important results accepted for publication in The Journal of Organic Chemistry. Congratulations to all co-authors and — to Andrei — in his 3rd Q1 publication in his career! Not bad for a third-year undergraduate student.

The Krasavin Research Group

Professor Mikhail Krasavin
DSc, PhD, MA
Professor of the Russian Academy of Sciences
E-mail: m.krasavin@spbu.ru
Phone: +7 (931) 3617872

Office 4009
Institute of Chemistry
26 Universitetskii Prospekt
Peterhof 198504 Russia

Laboratory of Chemical Pharmacology

The Krasavin group was originally established in the Chemical Diversity Research Institute in Khimki-Moscow. Since 2014, after two years at the Eskitis Institute for Drug Discovery (Griffith University) in Brisbane, Australia (2011–2013), the group is based in at the Institute of Chemistry (organic chemistry division) of Saint Petersburg State University.

In addition to the core synthetic team based in Saint Petersburg, the group incoporates synthetic chemists stationed in Yaroslavl (The Ushinsky Pedagogical State University) and Moscow (The Lomonosov State University of Fine Chemical Technology).

StP Group
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