Igor graciously defends his PhD Thesis in Organic Chemistry at Saint Petersburg State University. Congratulations to Igor and best wishes for a productive career in the active pharmaceutical ingredient industry!

Tatiana successfully defends her PhD Thesis — the first one in medicinal chemistry at SPbSU! Congratulations!

The entire group goes on its annual retreat to the usual location in W3W5+5W Сосновый Бор, Ленинградская обл. The photo report will follow.

Mikhail and Dmitry are appointed Guest Editors of the Special Issue on Spirocycles in Medicinal Chemistry in Molecules journal (Q1, IF = 4.412). This activity is in line with the current project on spirocyclic fatty acid mimetics supported by the Russian Foundation for Basic Research.

The paper by Alexander, Olga, Dmitry and Grigory ("Unexpected Ring Contraction of Homophthalic Anhydrides Under Diazo Transfer Conditions") has been accepted to Organic Letters. Congratulations to the team and Alexander in particular on such a great achievement. The story came out of a serendipitous discovery which we were diligent to follow through.

Olga, Anton and Ekaterina have their work on Trojan horse-type antibiotic conjugates with synthetic sedorephores published in Molecules. Congratulations and many thanks to Isabelle Schalk (University of Strasbourg) for her help evaluating these compounds as iron shuttlers in bacteria!

The work by Anatoly, Diana, Azat and Darya has been accepted as a full paper to The Journal Organic Chemistry (Gapanenok, D.; Makhmet, A. Peshkov, A. A.; Smirnova, D.; Amire, N.; Peshkov, V. A.; Spiridonova, D.; Dar'in, D.; Balalaie, S.; Krasavin, M. Multicomponent Assembly of Trisubstituted Imidazoles and Their Photochemical Cyclization into Fused Polyheterocyclic Scaffolds. J. Org. Chem., accepted 18.05.2022.). Congratulations to the team on the achievement and special thanks to Anatoly for coming up with the idea and supervising students through this work! For some of them, this is their first proper research paper published in a leading organic chemistry journal.

Our materials from the DIAZO 2021 conference are featured in a review article published in the Russian Journal of Organic Chemistry.


Our work was featured on the cover of ChemMedChem (nominated a Very Important Paper). Artist — our usual helper from Yaroslavl, Anastasia Kotova (@kotovart).


Mikhail presents at the Advances in Organic Synthesis Webinar in K.N. Toosi University of Technology (Tehran, Iran).

The group finally goes out to the annual retreat which will be held at the usual location at the South Gulf of Finland. Photos will follow.

Elena defended her PhD Thesis (the first PhD work on the HIRE methodology) at the Institute of Physiologically Active Compounds of the Russian Academy of Sciences (IPAC RAS). CONGRATULATIONS to Elena!



Mikhail and Stanislav attend MedChemRar–2021 conference in Khimki.


Olga Bakulina was unanimously confirmed as an Associate Professor by the Institute of Chemistry Academic Council. Congratulations to Olga on the new post and best wishes in her future endeavors!

Daniil Zhukovsky successfully defends his PhD in Organic Chemistry at the Institute of Physioligically Active Compounds of the Russian Academy of Sciences. Congatulation and best wishes for a contnuing stellar career in science!

Daniil Zhukovsky receives the competitive Russian Federation Government scholarship for graduate students. Congratulations and best wishes for the successful Thesis defense in a few days!

Alexander Safrygin's paper "Synthesis of spirocyclic tetrahydroisoquinolines (spiro-THIQs) via the Castagnoli-Cushman reaction" was selected for its quality of Tetrahedron Letters Editors' Choice Collection 2020. Congratulations to Alexander and best wishes for success in his future endeavors!

Our work on SAFE reaction toward diazo compounds has been highlighted on the Organic Chemistry Protal. Congratulations to Dmitry and Grygory!

Mikhail takes part in the Master's graduation ceremony at the Immanuel Kant Baltic Federal University.

The full paper by Sergey, Elena and Alexander Sapegin and our colleagues from Uppsala University in Sweden got accepted to European Journal of Organic Chemistry and was given a VERY IMPORTANT PAPER designation. Congratulations!

Anton defends his Master's Thesis and will continue towards his PhD in organic chemistry with Professor Petri Pihko at University of Jyväskylä.

Andrey Bubyrev's work has been highlighted in Wiley's ChemViews Magazine.

Our work on beta-lactams has been highlighted on Organic Chemistry Portal.

Mikhail is appointed on Editorial Board of Molecules (Organic Chemistry section).

Andrey Bubyrev gets his first paper on diazo chemistry accepted to European Journal of Organic Chemistry. Moreover, the paper was ranked as VERY IMPORTANT by the Editorial Office based on the excellent reviews it received. Congratulations on the excellent productivity in the first year of the Master's program!

Andrei and Olga get their important results accepted for publication in The Journal of Organic Chemistry. Congratulations to all co-authors and — to Andrei — in his 3rd Q1 publication in his career! Not bad for a third-year undergraduate student.

Interview with Judy Synofzik is published on the University website. Big farewell to Judy, best wishes for the future career and please come back!

Alexander Sapegin's work on one-pot conversion of aldehydes and aryl halides to disubstituted alkynes has been highlighted on the portal.

Despite the worldwide COVID-19 turmoil, the month of March is turning out to be very generous towards 2nd-year student Maria Eremeyeva who had, along with her supervisor Daniil Zhukovsky, two research papers accepted for publication this month alone!

Maria Chizhova successfully defends her PhD Thesis on Castagnoli-Cushman chemistry at Saint Petersburg State Technological University. Congratulations to Dr. Chizhova and best wishes in her future endeavors!

Natalia Guranova's work is featured in the ACS "From Russia, with Chemistry" virtual issue of the best works of Russian scientists published in the recent years in Org Lett, JOC, Organometallics. Congratulations!

Daniil's seminal PhD paper "tert-Butyl 3-diazo-2-oxopyrrolidine-1-carboxylate — a new reagent for introduction of the privileged 2-oxopyrrolidin-3-yl motif via RhII-catalyzed X-H insertion reactions" has been accepted to European Journal of Organic Chemistry and invited on the cover! Congratulations!


Stas Kalinin successfully (and graciously) defends his PhD Thesis at The Institute of Physiologically Active Compounds of the RAS — the first PhD Thesis in Medicinal Chemistry ever submitted by this University. Congratulations on being the first and the one and only (the only PhD in Medicinal Chemistry in the city of Saint Petersburg)!

Dmitry was appointed Full Professor of Chemistry. Congratulations!

Mikhail gives an invited plenary talk on 'Modern Approaches to Constructing Antitubercular Compounds' at the VIII National Phthisiatry Congress in Saint Petersburg.

Our work on tetrazoles published in SYNTHESIS has been selected by Synform Editor Prof. Matteo Zanda to get highlighted in the news section on the journal homepage.

Olga returned from the US trip as a CAS Future Leader and gave an interview to SPbSU press office.

Andrey Bubyrev and Anna Inyutina join the team as Class of 2021 Master's students. Welcome to both!

Dr. Evgeny Chupakhin will return to the Laboratory as an RFBR Perspektiva grant recepient for postdoctoral studies in 2019-2021. Welcome back Evgeny and best wishes for a productive three years!

Thanks to the efforts of our University, a new grant scheme initiated at the Russian Foundation for Basic Research (RFBR or РФФИ) proved to be major success for our Laboratory! All four applications submitted in the current round (by Elena, Tatiana, Igor and Daniil) have been successful and the grants will be awarded for the next two years to provide salary support to these aspiring young scientists. Congratulations to them, many thanks and kudos for the hard work - and best wishes for keeping up with the demanding publication metircs of these grant awards! Among other things, this provided us with a rare and rewardng experience receiving four (!) 'APPLICATION SUCCESSFUL' from RFBR on the same day!

While travelling in the US as the 2019 CAS Future Leader, Olga meets her supervisee Anton (somewhere in the American Midwest where they have Hiltons).

Daniil and Darina have their paper on "Employing α-diazocarbonyl compound chemistry in the assembly of medicinally important aryl(alkyl)thiolactam scaffold" accepted to European Journal of Organic Chemistry. Congratulations, especially to Darina on her career-first research publication!

Ivan Shershnev goes to Stockholm University for Summer Traineeship with Professor Jan-Erling Bäckvall. Best wishes for a productive Summer!

Liliia Usmanova and Stanislav Kalinin attend the Summer School on Computer-Aided Drug Design at University of Pisa.

Two Bachelor's students from the Immanuel Kant Baltic Federal University — Kristina Sapalova and Nikita Grigoriev — are joining for a two-week training with Alexander Sapegin. Welcome!

Andrey Firsov goes for a Summer training at Professor Thomas J. J. Mueller's lab at Heinrich Heine University of Duesseldorf. Have a productive time, Andrey and don't forget to clean your glassware on time!

Mikhail speaks on the HIRE methodology at the Markovnikov Congress in Kazan.

Anton Bannykh goes for a Summer training at the Professor Paver Nagorny's laboratory at University of Michigan, Ann Arbor. Have a nice no-weekends Summer, Anton!

Alexander Sapegin's work on 'One-pot Conversion of Aldehydes and Aryl Halides to Disubstituted Alkynes via Tandem Seyferth-Gilbert Homologation/Copper-Free Sonogashira Coupling' has been accepted to the Journal of Organic Chemistry. Congratulations!

Mikhail delivers a talk on spirocycles for drug discovery at the 4th Russian Conference on Medicinal Chemistry in Ekaterinburg.

Valeria Burianova joins the group as a PhD student to work on applications of diazo chemistry to the design of carbonic anhydrase IX based PET tracers. Welcome Valeria!

Mikhail gives a popular lecture on 'Modern Chemistry as a Foundation for Drug Discovery' at the Biomedicine Section of the Gorky House of Scientists of the RAS.

Olga Bakulina is named one of 30 CAS Future Leaders around the world: She is the second person in history from Russia to be awarded this honor. Gongratulations to Olga on the great internationational achievement!

Mikhail presents highlights of the Laboratory's work on imidazoline and Castagnoli-Cushman chemistry at the Chemistry Department of Bar Ilan Univeristy in Ramat Gan, Israel. The visit will include a series of meetings with faculty members and discussions of possible collaboration opportunities.

Stanislav Kalinin was awarded the competitive Analyte-Shimadzu scholarship for graduate students for his work on carbonic anhydrase inhibitors. Congratulations to Stanislav and best wishes for the nearing PhD examination!

Mikhail, Natalia and Liliia attend the 5th International Conference “Advances of Synthesis and Complexing”, RUDN-Moscow. This year, the conference features a remarkable lineup of speakers where we were lucky to get a slot to present on the Hydrolytic Imidazoline Ring Expansion (HIRE) methodology at the podium.

A very important paper on Sulfonyl-Azide-Free’ (SAFE) Aqueous-Phase Diazo Transfer Reaction for Parallel and Diversity-Oriented Synthesis has been published in Chemical Communications. Congratulations to Dmitry and Grigory on the start of the SAFE diazo era in our group — and worldwide!

Our work on 3-arylglutaconic acids has been highlighted in Thieme Chemistry News:

Congratulations to Andrei, Olga, Evgeny and Dmitry on the excellent publication in Organic Letters! Especially to Andrei on his first (also first-author) research publication! Well done!

Mikhail has reached the status of an outstanding reviewer for Tetrahedron Letters, Bioorganic and Medicinal Chemistry and European Journal of Medicinal Chemistry.


Congratulations to Sergey Grintsevich on his first scientific publication "Antiviral drug nevirapine as a template for hydrated imidazoline ring expansion (HIRE): rapid access to the diarene-fused 1,4,7-triazecine ring system" which was accepted to Tetrahedron Letters. Best of luck to Sergey in defending his B.S. Thesis in 2019!

Olga Bakulina's work from her research visit to Prof. Thomas Mueller's laboratory in Heinrich Heine University of Duesseldorf is published in Angewandte Chemie International Edition. Congratulations to Olga on the amazing achievement!

Olga Bakulina receives a grant from the Russian Foundation for Basic Research (RFBR) under the call for the 'Best Projects Undertaken by Leading Young Research Teams — STABILTY'. Olga will lead the project on "New scaffold-oriented approaches to creating chemical diversity for bioscreening based on multicomponent chemistry and chemistry of diazo compounds" in 2019–2020 under a rather generous budget provided this time by RFBR. Congratulations to Olga!

Mikhail gives an invited talk on the Castagnoli-Cushman chemistry at the Zelinsky IOC's ChemTrends2018 conference in Moscow.

Anton Bannykh is among the lucky five Master's students (three biologists and two chemists) to win this year's prestigious Rector's Scholarship. Congratulations to Anton and best wishes for the prosperous Master's program experience!

Mikhail's career story is featured in Chemical & Engineering News, the American Chemical Society magazine.

Mikhail, Olga and Natalia attend the 7th International Conference of Multicomponent Reactions and Related Chemistry (MCR-2018) in Düsseldorf, Germany. Mikhail gave an invited lecture on the Castagnoli-Cushman reaction while Olga and Natalia presented their recent results on hydroxamic acid synthesis using CCR and diazohomophthalimide-derived carbene in the synthesis of spirocycles, respectively. It was nice to meet all the crowd working on MCRs around the globe including Jared Shaw (UC Davis) and Dennis Hall (U Alberta).

Angelina Osipyan's Master's work was accepted as a full paper to the Journal of Organic Chemistry and was featured on the cover of the respective issue. Congratulations to Angelina and Alexander Sapegin on the great achievement and worldwide publicity!

Alexander Sapegin is elected Associate Professor (docent) of Saint Petersburg State University and, in this new status, joins our Laboratory. This make us three professor-strong division of the Institute of Chemistry! We wish Alexander productive research, further career development and defending his DSc in the near future.

Perhaps the only reputable post-Soviet journal in organic chemistry, Chemistry of Heterocyclic Compounds, reaches the impact factor of 1.201, which is the highest in years! The journal accepts papers in English and has invited many prominent researchers to serve as guest editors over recent few years. Our group has published two such invited papers (108, 111) and will continue to do so. Together, we make CHC (published by the Latvian Organic Synthesis Institute) a competitive and high-ranking outlet for innovative heterocyclic chemistry publications!

Olga Bakulina gets her project on fluorescent chemosensors and synthetic bacterial siderophores funded by the Russian Science Foundation. Cogratulations to Olga and best of luck driving her own research theme forward!

Mikhail presents the group's work on carbonic anhydrase inhibitors at the 11th International Conference on Carbonic Anhydrases (ICCA-2018) in Bucharest, Romania.

Angelina Osipyan accepts an offer to do her PhD research at the Groningen Research Institute of Pharmacy (GRIP) under the supervision of Professor Alexander Dömling. Congratulationg to Angelina and best wishes for a great scietific future and smooth transition into the new research environment!

The Laboratory goes out for the first annual retreat at the Gulf of Finland's Sounth Shore. Everyone appeared to enjoy the food and beach volleyball. The Laboratory members were joined by the Institute of Chemistry Director Professor Irina Balova.

Angelina Osipyan successfully defends her Master's Thesis on Hydrolytic Imidazoline Ring Expansion (HIRE). Our best wishes to Angelina in her future career endeavors!

Anton Bannykh and Stanislav Kopylov successfully defend their Bachelor of Science research Diploma work and receive the highest marks. Anton's work received a special distinction from the examination committee. Congratulations to Anton and Slava! These are the first bachelor's theses from the newly established Chemical Pharmacology Laboratory defended. A cause for celebration!

Mikhail visits the Reserch Center for Natural Sciences of Hungarian Academy of Sciences and gives a talk on groups activities to the members of the Institute of Organic Chemistry. Several collaboration ideas have been productively discussed with the Medicinal Chemistry team lead by György Keserű, FRSC.

Congratulations to Liliya Usmanova on the acceptance of her seminal PhD paper to the Journal of Organic Chemistry (American Chemical Society)!

Our paper on the development of apoptosis inducers using the Castagnoli-Cushman reaction achieved jointly with the SPb Institute of Technology team has been accepted to Bioorganic and Medicinal Chemistry. Congratulations to Dmitry, Olga, Maria and Anastasia (ETH) who made the group's first 'made in SPb' medicinal chemistry paper possible.

A sizable injection of the grant money into the Laboratory has been received via 'My First Grant' scheme of the Russian Foundation fo Basic Research. Congratulations to Olga, Maria and Pavel on opening their external funding track record!


Mikhail Krasavin is elected to the Scientific Council on Medicinal Chemistry of the Chemistry and Material Science Branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences.

Our entry into bacterial sierophore theme has been featured on SPbSU news portal.

Dmitry Dar'in successfully defends his DSc Thesis - the first such degree to be awarded by the University this century. Congratulations to Dmitry!

The group receives the Russian Foundation for Basic Research (RFBR) grant to support a 6-month research visit of Evgeny Chupakhin of the Kant Baltic Federal University in 2018.

Special constratulations to Olga Bakulina, Anton Bannykh and Dmitry Dar'in on the aceptance of their paper 'Iron-Complexing Cyclic Hydroxamic Acid Analogs of Bacterial Siderophores Prepared via the Castagnoli-Cushman Reaction of Unprotected Oximes' to Chem. Eur. J.! The work is seminal ro the group and ititiates a special research theme aimed at designining and developing analogs of bacteriall siderophopres as aims to surcumvent antiobiotic delivery and bacterial resistance in general.

Mikhail gives an invited talk ('Positioning of new chemotypes in medicinal chemistry') at the 3rd Russian Conference on Medicinal Chemistry in Kazan.

Our group work is featured in the 'Matritsa Nauki' (Matrix of Science) documentary by 'Saint Petersburg' TV channel.

Congratulations to Andrey Firsov and Alexander Kovalenko on being admitted as undergraduate students to Institute of Chemistry SPbSU!

Congratulations to Elena Reutskaya on passing the selection process and successfully entering the Institute's PhD program (desite the substantially increased competition this year)!

Alexander Sapegin receives a three-year grant support from the Russian Science Foundation (РНФ) under 'Research Groups Led by Young Scientists' program. Huge kudos and congratulations to Dr. Sapegin on the achievement!

Our work with St Petersburg Institute of Phthisiopulmonology on multidrug-resistant tuberculosis receives converage in Izvestiya newspaper.

Our research on diabetes receives coverage in Izvestiya newsapaper.

Mikhail Krasavin gives a talk to the Grand Scientific Council of St Petersburg University on 'Innovations in the molecular design of biologically active compounds for the development of new drugs' (in Russian).

Olga Bakulina wins one of five university-funded positions of Institute of Chemistry Research Assistant (being among seventeen other highly deserving applicants). This is the first step toward a productive academic career and we all wish to congratulate Olga on the achievement!

Anastasia Lepikhina defends her Master's Thesis with Honours. Congratulations an best wishes for the graduate career at ETH!

Mikhail attends the Interdisciplinary Symposium on Medicinal, Organic and Biological Chemistry and Pharmacy 'MOBI-ChemPharma2017' in Sevastopol, Crimea.

Angelina Osipyan wins the prestigious Professor Rolf Gleiter Scholarship for excellence in organic chemistry research (only one scholarship awarded to Master's students). Huge congratulations to Angelina for the achievement!

The Russian Foundation for Basic Research (RFBR) supports our joint grant application with Dr. Sandipan Halder of Visvesvaraya National Institute of Technology (India) devoted to the development of tunable chemosensors for metal ions based on the Castagnoli-Cushman templates.

Ella Moreau, a 2nd-year student at National Polytechnic Institute of Industrial and Chemical Engineering, Toulouse, France joins the group as an intern for 4 months to work on new anhydrides for the Castagnoli-Cushman reaction. Welcome Ella!

Olga Bakulina wins the prestigious DAAD-Mendeleev fellowship for her research visit to Professor Thomas J.J. Mueller's laboratories at Heinrich Heine University of Duesseldorf (01/09/2017-28/02/2018). Congratulations to Olga on the continued track record of successful wins in a chain of competitions!

Anastasia Lepikhina accepted an invitation to undertake research in Prof. Jonathan Hall's group at the ETH-Zurich Chemical Biology PhD program. ETH-Zurich occuppies the 9th place in the 2016-2017 Times Higher Education World University Rankings. Congratulations to Nastya on the remarkable move - as well as best wishes in her upcoming Master's Thesis defense and future career andeavors!

Dmitry Dar'in's paper in Journal of Organic Chemistry has been highlighted in SYNFACTS. Congratulations!!

Mikhail gives a podium talk on 'N-Aryl Imidazolines in Scaffold- and Lead-Oriented Synthesis' at the 82nd Annual Meeting of the Israel Chemical Society (Tel Aviv).


Mikhail gives a podium talk on our antidiabetes and antibacterial work at the Russian Scientific Fund-sponsired conference at the Zelinksy Institute of Organic Chemistry, Russian Academy of Sciences (Moscow).

Dmitry Dar'in had his work on the Chan-Evans-Lam N-arylation of 2-imidazolines accepted to The Journal of Organic Chemistry. Congratulations!

Mikhail gives a talk on group's research in diabetes and infectious disease at the Ufa Institute of Organic Chemistry, Russian Academy of Sciences.

Anastasia Lepikhina wins the competitive Lomonosov Scholarship established by St Petersburg State University Endowment Fund in 2015 to encourage independent research among senior BS and MS students. Nastya endured a fierce competition in the first round and presented her research to the Scholarship Committee on the podium among other three contestants. A big congratulations and best wishes to Nastya in her MS Thesis defence in 2017 and her future endeavors!

Angelina Osipyan received a competitive (<30% success rate) Rector's Scholarship for the first-year Master's students in sciences and mathematics. Congratulations to Angelina!

Third-year Bachelor of Science student Stanislav Kopylov joins to work on imidazoline-based carbonic anhydrase and cyclooxygenase-2 inhibitors. Welcome Slava!

Bachelor students Alexander Mikheyev and Sergey Grintsevich join the group.
The youngest member of the group Alexander Kovalenko who's a last-year high-school student (of the famous School 239) has joined the group as a research trainee. Welcome all!

Maria, Olga and Dmitry have their work on ambient-temperature Castagnoli-Cushman reactions accepted to ChemistrySelect. Congratulations to all and Masha in particular for the wonderful advancement of the multicomponent reaction field!

Mikhail attends a research seminar on New Antidiabetic Therapies at the Institute of Organic Chemistry, Siberian Branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences in Novosibirsk and gives a talk on our GPR40 and TAAR1 program.

Master of Science students Angelina Osipyan and Anastasia Bulova as well as Bachelor of Science students Anton Bannykh and Kristina Podryadova join the group. Welcome!

The results of our collaboration with -

in the area of GPR40 agonists for treatment of type II diabetes mellitus will be published in Bioorganic and Medicinal Chemistry.

Congratulations to this wonderful team!

Nastya Lepikhina has her first Master's thesis paper accepted for publication in RSC Advances. Congratulations on a tremendous work!

Mikhail Krasavin is officially nominated an Expert of the Russian Academy of Sciences (RAS Expert ID 2016-01-2672-2250) by the RAS Decree 10108-509 «Approval of RAS Expert Registry».

The group participates in the annual Institute of Translational Biomedicine SPbSU Reatreat (ITBM Retreat 2016) in Repino on the North Shore of the Gulf of Finland. A talk on GPR40 agonists and two posters (on imidazoline chemistry and Thermal Shift Assay to discover new carbonic anhydrase inhibitors) are presented.

Mikhail Krasavin and Maria Chizhova participate in the ORGCHEM-2016 conference cluster (Repino). Maria gives a poster talk on the Castagnoli-Cushman chemistry. Mikhail (also a member of teh Organizing Committee) gives a podium talk of GPR40 agonists and chairs a session on bioorganic and medicinal chemistry.

Sergey Fedoseev and Mikhail Ievlev from School of Pharmacy, The Ulyanov Chuvash State University visit the Institute and give seminars on their chemistry.

Mikhail Krasavin was awarded the title of Professor of the Russian Academy of Sciences RU (the RAS Profesor) by the Section of Chemistry and Material Sciences of RAS.

Grigory's review on N-arylation of amidines and guanidines has been accepted to Current Organic Chemistry. Congratulations!

Our results in 'Discovery of Strecker-Type Aminonitriles as a New Class of Human Carbonic Anhydrase Inhibitors Using Differential Scanning Fluorimetry' obtained jointly with Enamine, Ltd. (Ukraine) and University of Florence (Italy) will be presented as a poster at the 7th International Conference on Drug Discovery and Therapy in United Arab Emirates.

Mikhail Krasavin is recognized by Elsevier Publishers as one of the ten best reviewers in 2015 for Tetrahedron journals.

Our project 'New natural-like chemical space for multicomponent reactions' won funding from the Russian Foundation for Basic Research. Congratulations to the Group!

We started our forum (BETA testing). Welcome to use it!


Mikhail Krasavin is appointed as an Associate Editorial Board Member of Letters in Organic Chemistry.

Mikhail visits University of Estern Finland in Kuopio to discuss further collaboration with Professors Jarkko Rautio, Ale Narvanen, Jouko Vepsalainen and Alex Azhaev of the School of Pharmacy.

Mikhail visits Nazarbayev University in Astana, Kazakhstan to give a talk and establish collaboration with the Lam group.

Our group's contributions received a broad coverage in the recent review on the Groebke-Blackburn-Byename multicomponent chemistry.

Mikhail delivers an invited talk on imidazoline chemistry at KOST-2015 conference on heterocyclic chemistry in Moscow.

Mikhail presents (15:00, room 70, Main Builing) a 2015 summary of group's research to the Institute of Translational Biomedicine (ITBM) crowd. Everyone's welcome.

Mikhail joins Organic Chemistry Division of St Petersburg State Academy of Pharmacy (KhimPharm) for a joint seminar in drug discovery.

Stanislav Kalinin commences his training in Prof Claudiu Supuran labs in Florence to test new inhibitors of carbonic anhydrases. Good luck!

Pavel Golubev successfully defended his Candidate of Chemical Science (PhD equivalent) Thesis under Prof Mikhail Kuznetsov's supervision. Congratulations! Welcome to the Krasavin group, Dr. Golubev!

Mikhail fills in for Prof Tatiana Tennikova in her Medicinal Chemistry course for 2nd year Master's students at Institute of Chemistry, St Petersburg State University.

A poster on 2-imidazoline chemistry will be presented at Frontiers in Medicinal Chemistry 2015 Conference (European Federation of Medicinal Chemistry) in Antwerp, Belgium

Maria Chizhova enters Institute of Chemistry as graduate student and joins the group. Welcome, Masha!

Anastasia Lepikhina joins the group as Mater's student. Welcome, Nastya!

The first injection of equipment funded by the Russian Scientific Fund grant has arrived. Grigory and Maria should be able to christen the new labs with exciting chemistry in a couple of weeks. The lab pictures are shown here.

Mikhail Krasavin's commentary is featured among those of the lead SPBU scientists in the SPBU Magazine's August 2015 issue

A poster on 2-imidazoline chemistry will be presented at Drug Discovery Conference in Riga

Big interview of Professor Krasavin appeared in St Petersburg State Univerisity Magazin (In Russian)


Our group is among the five who are recipients of the 750 Mln. Roubles grant from Russian Scientific Fund to SPBU 'Translational Biomedicine at SPBU'. Mikhail Krasavin to head the Laboratory of Chemical Pharmacology of the Institute of Translational Biomedicine (ITBM SPBU)

Our project was among the finalists of OncoBioMed-2014 competition sponsored by the Skolkovo Fund


The new 1,2,4-triazole synthesis by Sarnpitak and Krasavin highlighted in SYNFACTS by Victor Sniekus!

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