Lab equipment as of September 2015

New Heidolph rotavap in Lab 4012

Hotplate stirrers for Maria in Lab 4012

Solid phase extraction manifold

New balance

The 'expensives' corner

Biotage microwave initiator with 8-vial robotic handler

Biotage Isolera flash chromatography system

Schimadzu preparative HPLC

Ventiallated chemical stodage in Lab 4012

Chemical fridge in Lab 4008

The 'main' synthesis are in Lab 4008

Merck silica - it may last a few weeks

Centerpiece bench in Lab 4008

Side bench in Lab 4008

Binder oven in Lab 4008 awaiting its designated table

Shaker plate in Lab 4008

Temperature controller-equipped hotplate stirrer

Another view in Lab 4008

Grigory's hood in Lab 4008 - isn't he neat!

the other side of centerpiece table in Lab 4008

Vials for compound collection

Vial storage boxes for compound collection

Christ lyophilizer - also needs a table

Binder oven nuber two in Lab 4003

Student office area. Soon it will be filled with desks and a kitchenette
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